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Fine Furniture and Artwork

by Andrew Brownewell

Andrew Brownewell honors the quality and ingenuity of the craftsman of the past while adding his artist edge to these tradition styles.

A fan of the Arts and Crafts style Andrew studied their designs and joinery and adds a modern expression to their style. Creating custom furniture that will last for generations.

Originally studying the American style of ceramics Andrew found a passion for experimenting with form and challenging the possibilities of this material. While studying ceramics in college he met a master Korean potter who had just moved to the states. He had the opportunity to apprentice under this master potter and now embraces the Korean method for throwing ceramics. With a love of wood in his craftsman style furniture he also has a love of wood-fired ceramics in his clay art.

Resident of Palmetto, Florida

Experienced in Custom, High Quality, Hardwood Cabinet Fabrication, employing innovative and intricate joinery and assembly methods and techniques.


Experienced with small and large Dove Tail cutting and “Green and Green” type Joinery.


Experienced with working with numerous species exotic exotic hardwoods and

developing the most suitable finishing system.

Experienced Potter and Sculptor

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